Unger HiFlo nLite HiMod karbon master 4 led 6.63 m.

8.049,30 DKK  u/Moms
Model/varenr.: 1358

The diameter of the Pole section you are holding will never exceed 35mm, irrespective of the number of Extension Poles you add. The diameter of the first section of the Master Pole (holding the Gooseneck and Brush) is 26mm. Wider than industry average, it increases the rigidity of the Master Pole overall, reducing flex usually associated with smaller diameter, thinner tubes. This results in greater stability and control of the Brush, facilitating more efficient cleaning with less effort. 
Durable plastic Endcap prevents accidental damage to the end of the Pole and features a side apeture for the Hose to exit when used inside the Pole. All Poles, regardless of the grade, are compatible with each other. For instance, combining a Carbon Master Pole with a Hybrid Extension Pole will deliver a great performance at a lower cost than an all-Carbon System, with only a slight increase in weight and deflection.

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